Weekly Writing Assignment

It’s been brought to my attention that I do not blog enough.  A
blogger is supposed to produce a minimum
of one blog per week, apparently.

Because I don’t want to bore everyone with personal BS, or redundant writing advice – I’ve decided to give myself challenges, just like the contests Mrs. Reid has been hosting.

Today, I used a random word generator (link below), to create
five words I must use, and I set the max word count to 250.

Link = http://watchout4snakes.com/creativitytools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx

Here are the words:   aesthetic, contrast, slash, plague, and litter.




Javi misjudged his tolerance.  He wanted to calm his nerves, but he’s
drunk.  It’s opening night, and they expect him to speak.  A critic’s
in the back, filling up on hors d’œuvres.  The right words could make
all the difference; Javi’s head’s foggy, his words slurred.

He hears the introduction, and measured applause.  He steps forward,
his knees already betraying him.

He stands to the left of a sculpture prominently displayed with high
contrast lighting.  The light spills onto his face, casting nasty
shadows.  It matches the dark aesthetic of his work, and will make a
great picture, if the critic finishes the gruyere in time.

“Uh…”  He coughs.  “Hi.”  He looks around; there’s a sea of blank
faces.  One woman with dark hair is smiling.  Is she mocking me, or
does she want me, he wonders.

He exhales, slowly.  “Thank you for coming tonight.  I’m Javi, and
this is my first solo exhibition.”  A few patrons laugh, kindly.  “The
show’s called Litter, and there is an emphasis on consumption and
disposal.“  He takes a sip of water.

“Behind me, is a re-creation of a plague rattled village.  To my left,
a bath tub, the morning after its owner slashed her wrists.”  Javi
looks back.  The critic is still stuffing his face; clearly not
paying attention.

“If you look behind you, you’ll notice the snack table.  All of the
cheeses there are recycled.”

The patrons turn and stare at the critic; he’s frozen.  The dark
haired woman smiles, wider.



One Response to “Weekly Writing Assignment”

  1. boobooo Says:

    I’m sorry about leaving a comment on that other one. I didn’t mean to mess with your mental health. This one was less frasiery, but you still managed to include a word I have never heard of.

    Do you like sentences that end in prepositions? Just curious. 🙂

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