Random words in bold.


Dan B. remembered being excited his first day of trade school. He remembered the look on his dads face at graduation. He even remembered the thrill he got driving a bulldozer the first time. It all seemed so long ago, now, as he unleashed the wrecking ball on another home.

Thirteen connected lots needed to be cleared away for a new shopping centre, or some stupid thing. Most of the homes had notices on the door. There was multiple redundancy when it came to foreclosures, but that didn’t help. He was having nightmares.

The heavy ball struck. Bits of wood, glass, and plaster flew, as a nursery was forced to rejoin the outside world. Hints of painted clouds nearly matched the day’s sky. He swung the ball again; there was a scream. Dan tried to stop the ball, but it was too late. When it swung back, there was a flash of red as it twisted in the wind. He cut the machine. A woman was screaming from the newly opened wall. Blood and bits of flesh dripped from the ball.

That’s when he’ woke up, usually. He didn’t know if he was dreaming this time. Either way, he knew he didn’t have to work the wrecking ball anymore.

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