On Writing: Blog Avalanche

Up until recently, I’d spent a lot of time reading agent and writer blogs.  What I noticed is that this is counterproductive. While the advice is often good, it’s inconsistent and contradictory, which is confusing, at best.
So, I’ve taken a step away, for now.

I’ve taken that time, an extra two hours(ish) a day, and reallocated it to reading (books) and writing/editing.  This has been extremely helpful, even beyond the extra time for those very important things.  Taking a step away helped me stop being so hyper aware and self conscious of my own craft.  And once I stopped worrying so much about the prose, it got better.  Seriously.

I guess voice likes to flow organic.

The downside is that my blog is being neglected.  I will have to find time for more shorts, or whatever, in the near future.


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