Janet Reid 8/3 Writing Contest

The Shark’s having another contest. Deadline for entry is 8/4 at noon. Rules and so forth can be found here – jetreidliterary.blogspot.com

Below, is my entry.  As always, random words are in bold.


It took most of Marlene’s energy gettin’ outta bed every mornin’. Whatever was left was spent keepin’ her head out the oven, and cleanin’ his house. Most days, she’d dust, but never get around to the vacuuming.

It was a Thursday, when she’d had enough. Maybe it was the fever, or maybe the gin, but when she heard that garage door open, and that same Jelly Roll Morton song echoed through the house, she shouted, “T-Bone! We’re through!”

He didn’t say a word, just got back in his truck, and rode off.

That’s how she tells it at least.


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