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technical difficulties

April 10, 2011


If one wants to run,
finding gravity’s sweet spot,
is necessary.



April 7, 2011

Random words in bold.




Tina always fantasized about losing her virginity on a cruise ship.  She’d put on a designer dress in her tiny cabin, dance with a prince in an opulent ballroom, sip champagne in his first class cabin, and let him slowly undress her after a tender kiss.

Now 37, she was still a virgin.

She met Ronnie at a mommies Yoga class downtown.  They started talking after, seemingly, bumping into each other at the library.  While Ronnie’s daughter was throwing a tantrum, they quickly exchanged numbers. Two weeks later they were exchanging outfits.

It was six months before Tina opened up.  To her great relief, Ronnie didn’t react to her confession.  To her surprise, she reacted to her fantasy.  “It just won’t do,” she said, “that you’ve never even been on a boat.”

Tina smiled, as the salty breeze tousled her hair on the upper deck of the ferry.  “Thank you so much for this,” she said.  Ronnie nodded, and kissed her softly on the cheek.