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February 16, 2011

@Yaweh said:

Some days I wish to speak, but have no words. No new words to describe the horrors that have always been, that always will be.

On those days, I try to take comfort in resounding an echo, and hope it will be different this time.


cautious optimism

February 8, 2011

It was on the fifth day of the revolution that he kissed me. Against a hastily thrown up piece of plywood, he pushed me back and our lips met. While I felt his tongue explore my mouth, everything melted with me. I no longer heard the shouts, the gunfire, or even the great roar of the tank as it lead Mubarak’s thugs to safety. It wasn’t our first kiss, but it was our first in public. Such a minimal victory, amongst the chaos and confusion, stopped my melting. While the day may be won, our revolution has only just begun.